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GHSA-hc82-w9v8-83pr, CVE-2022-39389

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Improper Input Validation


Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) is an implementation of a lightning bitcoin overlay network node. All lnd nodes before version v0.15.4 is vulnerable to a block parsing bug that can cause a node to enter a degraded state once encountered. In this degraded state, nodes can continue to make payments and forward HTLCs, and close out channels. Opening channels is prohibited, and also on chain transaction events will be undetected. This can cause loss of funds if a CSV expiry is researched during a breach attempt or a CLTV delta expires forgetting the funds in the HTLC. A patch is available in lnd version 0.15.4. Users are advised to upgrade. Users unable to upgrade may use the lncli updatechanpolicy RPC call to increase their CLTV value to a very high amount or increase their fee policies. This will prevent nodes from routing through your node, meaning that no pending HTLCs can be present.

Affected Versions

All versions before 0.15.4-beta


Upgrade to version 0.15.4-beta or above. Note: 0.15.4-beta may be an unstable version. Use caution.

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