Insufficiently Protected Credentials in maven/org.apache.solr/solr-core


CVE-2023-50291, GHSA-3hwc-rqwp-v36q

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Insufficiently Protected Credentials


Insufficiently Protected Credentials vulnerability in Apache Solr.

This issue affects Apache Solr: from 6.0.0 through 8.11.2, from 9.0.0 before 9.3.0. One of the two endpoints that publishes the Solr process' Java system properties, /admin/info/properties, was only setup to hide system properties that had "password" contained in the name. There are a number of sensitive system properties, such as "basicauth" and "aws.secretKey" do not contain "password", thus their values were published via the "/admin/info/properties" endpoint. This endpoint populates the list of System Properties on the home screen of the Solr Admin page, making the exposed credentials visible in the UI.

This /admin/info/properties endpoint is protected under the "config-read" permission. Therefore, Solr Clouds with Authorization enabled will only be vulnerable through logged-in users that have the "config-read" permission. Users are recommended to upgrade to version 9.3.0 or 8.11.3, which fixes the issue. A single option now controls hiding Java system property for all endpoints, "-Dsolr.hiddenSysProps". By default all known sensitive properties are hidden (including "-Dbasicauth"), as well as any property with a name containing "secret" or "password".

Users who cannot upgrade can also use the following Java system property to fix the issue:   '-Dsolr.redaction.system.pattern=.(password|secret|basicauth).'

Affected Versions

All versions starting from 6.0.0 before 8.11.3, all versions starting from 9.0.0 before 9.3.0


Upgrade to versions 8.11.3, 9.3.0 or above.

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