Exposure of Resource to Wrong Sphere in npm/electron


GHSA-mq8j-3h7h-p8g7, CVE-2022-29247

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Exposure of Resource to Wrong Sphere


Electron is a framework for writing cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript (JS), HTML, and CSS. A vulnerability in versions prior to 18.0.0-beta.6, 17.2.0, 16.2.6, and 15.5.5 allows a renderer with JS execution to obtain access to a new renderer process with nodeIntegrationInSubFrames enabled which in turn allows effective access to ipcRenderer. The nodeIntegrationInSubFrames option does not implicitly grant Node.js access. Rather, it depends on the existing sandbox setting. If an application is sandboxed, then nodeIntegrationInSubFrames just gives access to the sandboxed renderer APIs, which include ipcRenderer. If the application then additionally exposes IPC messages without IPC senderFrame validation that perform privileged actions or return confidential data this access to ipcRenderer can in turn compromise your application / user even with the sandbox enabled. Electron versions 18.0.0-beta.6, 17.2.0, 16.2.6, and 15.5.5 contain a fix for this issue. As a workaround, ensure that all IPC message handlers appropriately validate senderFrame.

Affected Versions

All versions before 15.5.5, all versions starting from 16.0.0 before 16.2.6, all versions starting from 17.0.0 before 17.2.0, all versions starting from 18.0.0-beta.1 up to 18.0.0-beta.5


Upgrade to versions 15.5.5, 16.2.6, 17.2.0, 18.0.0-beta.6 or above. Note: 18.0.0-beta.6 may be an unstable version. Use caution.

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