Always-Incorrect Control Flow Implementation in npm/electron


CVE-2023-23623, GHSA-gxh7-wv9q-fwfr

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Always-Incorrect Control Flow Implementation


Electron is a framework which lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. A Content-Security-Policy that disables eval, specifically setting a script-src directive and not providing unsafe-eval in that directive, is not respected in renderers that have sandbox disabled. i.e. sandbox: false in the webPreferences object. This allows usage of methods like eval() and new Function unexpectedly which can result in an expanded attack surface. This issue only ever affected the 22 and 23 major versions of Electron and has been fixed in the latest versions of those release lines. Specifically, these versions contain the fixes: 22.0.1 and 23.0.0-alpha.2 We recommend all apps upgrade to the latest stable version of Electron. If upgrading isn't possible, this issue can be addressed without upgrading by enabling sandbox: true on all renderers.

Affected Versions

All versions starting from 22.0.0-beta.1 before 22.0.1, all versions starting from 23.0.0-alpha.1 before 23.0.0-alpha.2


Upgrade to versions 22.0.1, 23.0.0-alpha.2 or above. Note: 23.0.0-alpha.2 may be an unstable version. Use caution.

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