Incorrect Authorization in packagist/phpmyfaq/phpmyfaq


GHSA-9hhf-xmcw-r3xg, CVE-2024-22208

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Incorrect Authorization


phpMyFAQ is an Open Source FAQ web application for PHP 8.1+ and MySQL, PostgreSQL and other databases. The 'sharing FAQ' functionality allows any unauthenticated actor to misuse the phpMyFAQ application to send arbitrary emails to a large range of targets. The phpMyFAQ application has a functionality where anyone can share a FAQ item to others. The front-end of this functionality allows any phpMyFAQ articles to be shared with 5 email addresses. Any unauthenticated actor can perform this action. There is a CAPTCHA in place, however the amount of people you email with a single request is not limited to 5 by the backend. An attacker can thus solve a single CAPTCHA and send thousands of emails at once. An attacker can utilize the target application's email server to send phishing messages. This can get the server on a block list, causing all emails to end up in spam. It can also lead to reputation damages. This issue has been patched in version 3.2.5.

Affected Versions

All versions before 3.2.5


Upgrade to version 3.2.5 or above.

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